Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik


Went to the Excalibur Fantasy Faire today, on a lark.Well, okay, I actually went in my car, but who's counting. At any rate, the faire was in Smithville, about 40 miles east of Austin. I went in proper garb, as it's 2 bucks cheaper if you're in costume, and any excuse to don my expensive boots is fine by me.

So I went all by my lonesome. It was a small faire, but still had a good deal of charm. There was a tavern, a maypole, a stage, the SCA, some jousting, a Merlin, a fairy, a drunk redneck... Tactical mistake #1 on my part was leaving my glasses in the car. I thought it would ruin my garb if I had glasses on, so I decided to do without. So the faire was a blurry haze, which in a way made it easier to imagine that it was something grander, something nobler...

One thing I realized was that although this faire could not compare to the large festivals, it still had something. And that my dream of starting my own faire might not be that impossible after all.

So all in all, I had fun.
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