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Roy Janik

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[Mar. 18th, 2001|04:40 pm]
Roy Janik

Roy looks better with short hair:

Nope, grow it out again!

[User Picture]From: somabrak
2001-03-18 03:48 pm (UTC)
I notice that I'm the only one that voted "Grow it out again!" so far. I think it looks good the way it is now, but as we all know, I am a long-hair enthusiast, like my co-partner in crime. :) I will always say you should keep it long.
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[User Picture]From: stovelkor
2001-03-18 05:33 pm (UTC)


Is there some special feature on LiveJournal that allows you to make polls or is it just that you're an insane computer genious?
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[User Picture]From: zinereem
2001-03-18 06:05 pm (UTC)

Re: howza?

Alright, so you caught me. It's a brand new feature... More info at:

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From: ex_foot17
2001-03-20 06:39 pm (UTC)
I would have answered "Grow it out, you tubby bitch", but sadly, that was not an option.
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[User Picture]From: moregankira
2001-03-21 05:01 pm (UTC)

Long haired hippies...

Long hair is sexy!!! I haven't seen you with it short... but I think I will ALWAYS be biased for the Roy hair that I know and love.
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[User Picture]From: flajuie
2001-03-27 09:16 pm (UTC)

I deserve to be shot for saying this, but dammit, I can't stop myself...

Can I politely and quietly demand a recount?
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