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Roy Janik

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[Mar. 27th, 2001|10:27 pm]
Roy Janik
[Current Mood |blank]

Hey, guess what? I just found an MST3K episode that I've never seen before: Track of the Moon Beast. It was cleverly hidden after one of my 1000 copies of She-Creature. Good stuff. The highlight was when Crow and Tom Servo sent a remote-controlled car with a camera into Mike's bedroom to see what kind of underwear he wears to bed.

[User Picture]From: flajuie
2001-03-27 09:06 pm (UTC)

yeah, right

Who wears underwear to bed?

Nekkid is the way to be.
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[User Picture]From: nekomouser
2001-03-27 09:12 pm (UTC)
>>I just found an MST3K episode that I've never seen before
And with that simple statement all of reality began to collapse in upon itself.
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[User Picture]From: zinereem
2001-03-27 10:15 pm (UTC)
Oh that began long ago (see Pain's breakup)
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