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Today was class day, so I left work around 2:00. I was dead tired from having stayed up late reviewing CDs for KVRX, so I decided that I needed caffeine or I'd be falling asleep in class for sure. So I stopped by Dulce Vita and visited with Lindsey. She was as charming as usual, and complied with my request for caffeine by fixing me a double-chocolate mocha latte'. So I left there wired and in a good mood. I parked extremely far away from class as is usual, and started making my way across campus.

It was my ideal day, weather-wise: slightly overcast, but not cold. Slightly breezy, too. I started thinking about four-leaf clovers, since Spring was in the air. I decided that come Saturday I was going to go to a park and look for a four leaf clover all day, if necessary. With this in mind, I started down a huge hill, admiring the clover patches as I went.

I stopped at one, made a cursory glance, and began to move on... when something caught the corner of my eye:

That's the actual clover. So now there's no need to go searching. It's now safely stored in my photo album, right under a huge picture of Wes's head.
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