Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

I was going to start this entry with "LAST NIGHT WAS A BLAST!", but then I blanked. What did I do?

Oh yeah. Kareem, myself, and a few other BUH folk went and saw Mr. Sinus Theatre 3000 riff on Masters of the Universe at the Texas Union Theatre. They did a very good job of making funny, original jokes without resting on their MST3K roots. Twas quite enjoyable. John Erler, who also hosts The Elk Mating Ritual Hour on KVRX, was in rare form in his time-honored role of Skeletor. He kept referring to the Skeletor in the movie as Skele-Two.

Best of all, it was free, so I'm still sticking to my goal of not spending any money this week.
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