Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

busy days and night.

So last night was Sara's performance at the Saxon Pub. It started rather late (midnight), but we had to represent, ya know? She was kickin' the full band line-up. There was a really great croud and everyone was really into it. The highlights, in my humble opinion, were the songs Shadow (of course) and Through the Night. And of course, the dancing lesbian couple.

Today was the KVRX station meeting. We had elections for station manager, so that meant speeches and Q&A and such. So it ran a looonnnggggggg time. So long in fact, that I was done just in time to walk over to the Union and watch Sara perform again, this time for the UT Songwriting Contest . She was one of the 10 finalists. She once again put on a stellar performance, this time accompanied only by Seven, her guitarist friend. The other performers I watched were all good, but Sara's voice put them to shame.

And now I've just found out that tonight is the deadline for DJ applications, so I'm going to head out again.

Oh, and Sara dedicated a song to me, which I think narrows down the list of things to have happen to me before I die.
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