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OR: if this means I'm going to have to drop several hundred dollars on computer parts again, I'm gonna be sooo pissed.

So last night my monitor's display froze. I thought nothing of it, as my computer ALWAYS locks up. So I rebooted... and lo and behold, the monitor never received a signal. So no image. So I open the computer up, look for loose cards, and such, and find none. So I take out the graphics card, and put in an old one I happen to have lying around. Nothing. So I put my new card back in, and plugged in a different monitor that I happen to have lying around. Nothing.

At this point I'm panicking, because it might be something seriously wrong with my computer. So I decide to take the computer out of the equation. I go grab an old computer that I happen to have lying around, and hook it up to the monitor... Nothing.

So either everything's broken, or.... The monitor cable is bad? That seems unlikely. So I take the cable to work this morning, hook up my linux box with it, and... it works fine.

So wtf?

All I know, is that if it IS something serious, it couldn't come at a more annoying time. I've got a large presentation on Tuesday, AND I'm trying to get out of debt. In fact, I just dumped another 700 dollars onto my American Express card, bringing my credit card debt down to an all-time low of 1668 dollars. But now that may all just skyrocket again.
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