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Pain... lives...

Okay, so since I couldn't get a straight answer from Pain myself, I decided to e-mail Vegas Records, their nominal record label...

Here's what I said:

To:, Subject: in Pain

a few Pain-related questions for you...

1. I keep hearing rumors that Pain recorded a version of "The Time Warp" for some mythical ska Rocky Horror tribute album. Is this true, and if so, when will it come out?
2. Has Pain really broken up? Note that a truthful answer to this question will not affect my decision to purchase CDs or other merchandise.


And here's what they said:

To:, Subject: Re: in Pain

pain are still a band, just not touring, and YES, then recorded tim warped for a rocky horror tribute ill be releasing this year


So yeah, Pain's still a band, they're just not playing, writing new songs, rehearsing, or hanging out much. But it looks like we'll finally get to hear Time Warp... eventually.
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