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this is beginning to hurt...

Kareem and I were on a mission last night... Tower Records was having a midnight sale, where they sold all of the new releases coming out today (Tuesday). Kareem was there for Tool and MegaDeth, whereas I was there for Weezer.

Considering the fact that Weezer was long considered to have been broken up, the mere existence of this album is enough to make me happy. So joy. The line was extraordinarily long, stretching quite a ways along the Drag.

Bored as hell, I made some broad stereotypes based on shoe-type:

converse= Weezer
combat boots= Tool
sandals= REM

Judging from the shoe distribution, then, I'd have to say that most folks were there for Tool, followed by Weezer.

So how's the album? Solid so far. I've only listened to it twice as of yet, though, so it's too early too tell. I think it's going to be one of those albums you have to sink into, like Kid A or Apollo I8 or somesuch.
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