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Roy Janik

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oh, no, it's starting again... [Jun. 24th, 2001|08:43 am]
Roy Janik
Howdy, pardners.

I'm writing to you from KVRX, where I have yet to leave, although my show ended 40+ minutes ago.

The good news is, I got three calls this morning, and a couple of requests. Right off the bat, someone called in for the Judys. So I knew it would be a good show.

And now I'm lurking in the station and getting my internet fix because Human Dwelling 43 is still not wired.

Went and saw Topwise play last night, where James, Kareem, and company kicked out the jams. The highlight was their new addition to their line-up, Monkey vs. Robot. So a wonderful show, despite the fact that they didn't play Whiskey in the Jar. Bastards!!!

[User Picture]From: vyvyanbasterd
2001-06-25 02:23 pm (UTC)

How the hell...

How the HELL do you expect us to learn "Whiskey in the Jar" when we were obviously SO busy learning "Teenage Dirtbag"!?! "TEENAGE DIRTBAG", FOR GOD'S SAKES!

I cannot believe that song was played. I nearly vomited. We almost kissed! Twice!
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