Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

2nd journal entry ever, and first story

From the same day in 1985, here's my first written story, near as I can tell. Spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, and ridiculous sentences have been left in for maximum comedic value.

Saturday, March 2, 1985
Once there was a force of good. But in that force was evil. The force was called the Moon of Comitts. But the force got nicer every day. So the devil took away all the goodness.

The goodness floated out into space! Now the force was compleatly evil Now the memorys of the old time's goodness became another force. That force was called the Moon of Memories. It had a war between the Moon of Comitts. If the Goodness won, the Baddness would go an get it's goodness back. It would be compleatly good. But if the bad won, the good would be put to death!

When the battle started, it seemed hopless. But the week before last two forces named Gravity and air started to help the good. The good finily won. The bad found there good and a new planet was born. It was called Earth. Gavity agreed to pull everything too the earth. air agreed to help everything.

I bid you The End.
Now does that sound like English translated into Japanese and back again, or what?
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