Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

The night passed without incident

Well, that's not entirely true at all. The party was a rousing success, I do believe. Just the right number of people were there... enough so that the party had its own life, chugging along forward by the sheer force of conversation and alcohol, but not so many that the cops came or the Fire Marshall would object.

The amount of beer was staggering, and once James arrived with an ungodly mountain of liquor, the stage was set for a night of debauchery. The viewing of the Bastard Squad episodes went well, and it was nice to see people not directly involved with its production laughing at the sketches.

Let's see, a quick list of those people I noticed who were particularly "in their cups", as it were: totale, cailin23, foot, and embermae. I think Colleen actually wins the award, though.

High-lights included:
1) Marshemellow fight: Where the hell did they come from anyhow?
2) Throwing cabbage on the roof to try and end the universe: *sigh* The universe didn't end, so now I've got to remove cabbage from my roof. Yuck.
3) a group rap-a-long to a filthy, filthy song: I'll never be considered a musical genius.
4) Spending quality time surrounded by my friends: and all those other bastards.

Cleanup wasn't too bad either, as I pawned off a couple of giant bags of trash on nekomouser and Cha-chee. Thanks.
Going into this party, there was a lot of apprehension. There were many subplots and political games that were all going to come to a head that night. So much so that it seemed like it was going to be the setup for a bad 80s flick. In fact, we welcomed this. Most situations, however, fizzled out before the party.

So sue us. We didn't destroy the universe.

We'll just have to try harder next time.
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