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Roy Janik

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[Jul. 25th, 2001|10:22 am]
Roy Janik
Ah, downsizing!

Boss just came in. Whaddya know, the software group is undergoing a period of "resource adjustment", which translates to laying off scads of people. My boss just assured me, however, that I would not be fired, or cooked, so that's nice. In fact, no one on my team will be fired. Still, it should be an interesting few days, as everyone who's going to be canned has been informed.

So with the state of the economy and what-not, I think I should stick to this job as long as possible. It may be a while before I can get another. Which means no research assistantship for Roy, at least for a year. I'm going to try and get my car paid off. After that, who knows?

[User Picture]From: iggy
2001-07-26 09:04 am (UTC)

are they gonna be like everyone else?

And wait until 2 or 3 on Friday afternoon to give the ax? Thats always the way companies do it to prevent espionage...I just think that the CEO's saw office space too much but thats my take on it!

Glad to know you aren't being layed off!

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[User Picture]From: zinereem
2001-07-26 09:46 am (UTC)

Re: are they gonna be like everyone else?

No, they did it on Wednesday, and everyone keeps their jobs until August the 24th.
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[User Picture]From: iggy
2001-07-26 06:03 pm (UTC)

Re: are they gonna be like everyone else?

well at least they are nicer than other places i have seen ax people!:)

im sorry about your friends tho ..hope it wasn't too gruesome
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[User Picture]From: cailin23
2001-07-26 10:32 am (UTC)

After that maybe....

A park on the moon filled with dinosaurs?
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