Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Riley's was particularly fun last night, despite my earlier apprehensive feelings. Let's see, in attendance were Hek-tor (dressed as a dentist), Eric, James, Wes (in kilt), Sarah, Cha-chee, Mindy, Kareem, and Todd. I think that's everyone. Hek-tor was wearing a dentist's jacket thing that had the dentist's name embroidered on it... castaways from the dry-cleaners. He actually ran into someone who goes to that dentist, so it looks like he's out of a job. We'll see.

I blissfully sang along to the songs, hung out with friends, danced with Mindy a bit, hob-nobbed with the band, and drank random Irish beers. Basically, if someone had been filming we would have provided a lot of stock footage for commercials involving friends having a good time at pubs.

After that, we went to Katz's (it never kloses, I gotta tell ya). Had hot dogs, pickles, and watched Lesley ( an Austin Legend ) do his thing outside the window.

And now I face a day of going into work and trying to make up for leaving at noon yesterday. Ah, but I didn't talk about that, did I?
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