Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

I used to try, but now I hang my head and sigh

Hiked the Greenbelt again, this time with Eric and Kareem.
Pure death.
Drank 12 bottles of Aquafina water (frozen the night before), and ate countless granola bars. I still can't fathom how Wes and I survived last year with only two bottles a piece. Oddly enough, the 15 mile hike was actually easier on me than 2 weeks ago. Maybe because we stopped frequently. We finished in just about 8 hours. It's the poor feet that can't take it. I have even more blisters this time. Yuck.

I spent most of the day smashing half frozen bottles of ice against rocks. It was kindof a pain, but the cold water sure came in handy. What was it, like 99 degrees today or something?

So who wants to go two weeks from now? I'm thinking James and Cha-chee.
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