Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

rather than moan about life, here's some filler...

Here's a poem I wrote an indeterminate amount of time ago.
It's rather silly:

I wish there were more ferrets, damnit.
All of them are so darn cute.
What joy would my existence merit
if the ferrets got the boot?

Days go by, when I see countless
cats and dogs and other beasts
but ferrets, damnit, only rarely
show their soft and cuddly feets.

Sometimes they are brown and squishy.
Sometimes they are white as snow.
Mostly they just bite my fingers.
I adore dem ferrets so!

I would never hurt a ferret,
though I hit a weasel once.
Bastard ran in front of me.
Silly weasel! (stupid dunce!)
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