Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

What was your dream?

A while back, I got NameZero to give me for free, and I pointed it to my journal. Har har. They kept sending me e-mails recently saying that my registration would expire soon. I thought little of it, thinking that if I ever wanted it, I would just register it properly. Well, it turns out that NameZero would retain ownership and sell off the domain for a minimum of 50 dollars. So I buckled in and gave them 20 bucks to register it for another year and transfer ownership of the name to me. Meh.

So now points directly to my journal. Maybe one day I'll turn it into a proper website listing my string of unfinished projects:

1. Ren Faire
2. 23goe
3. Dinosaur Moonpark
4. Putt Pub
5. Immortal Human Skin Cells

etc, etc etc...
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