Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

ignore me

"No one can see me."

"Don't be silly."

"It's true. Watch."

The boy ran out in the street, and true enough, no one took any notice. The people seemed to melt around him, passing by safely with mere inches between them. He played at the game a little more. He yelled, he danced, he screamed as loud as he could. Nothing.

Happy that he had proven his point the boy scampered back to the shadows, where his companion waited.

"See, I told you. No one can see me."

"The birds do."

"They're just hoping that I'll die, I'm sure, so they can eat me. Besides, they can see everything."

"Why can't you be seen by people, then?"

"Here's a secret. they really do know I'm here, but they're pretending not to. It's a crazy game we're playing. I do my best to catch their attention, and they do their best to ignore me. For the most part, they win."

"Aren't you lonely?"

"Nah. I'm happy. The world is moving, alive with beauty. It would be way too hard to feel bad. Every moment of life is filled with energy and joy."

The companion began to eye his friend oddly.

"You're not like the other kids. They're sad all the time."

"No reason to be at all. They should take a look around."

"What's your name?"

The boy with the golden eyes smiled.
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