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Roy Janik

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freebase some cocaine and rob a liquor store [Aug. 24th, 2001|11:21 am]
Roy Janik
So last night we put on "Lady Windamere and the Allen Wrench of Equality", a radio farce, live on KVRX. Considering the fact that only 3 of us had ever read through the thing, it went quite well. I played Cat Stevens, the arch-villain. Hek-tor was Larry Faulkner. Fun stuff, and something I hope KVRX does more of in the future. We had live sound effects, chaos, music, dead bodies, all wrapped up in a pleasant 1930's-esque radio drama package. It also got me even more determined to work on Immortal Human Skin Cells stuff. This wasn't a BUH activity, but rather a KVRX endeavor. But lots of the cast had a great gift for voices, so I'm hoping to steal some of them for the CD.