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Roy Janik

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It's still the same old story: a fight for love and glory... a case of do or die. [Aug. 26th, 2001|02:46 pm]
Roy Janik
A fun, food-filled weekend. There was the hatch chili festival at Central Market. Nothing beats a hatch chili sausage wrapped in a hatch chili tortilla.Steer clear of the hatch chili shakes, though. There was County Line, with Mark, Eric, Wes, James, and John in tow. 5 meats and a salad later, I nearly died of meat poisoning, assuming there is such a thing. There was Starseed's late at night, and the mystery of life known as huevos rancheros. There was the Macaroni Grill, and a sausage and pepper pasta thing that while good, couldn't compare to the same dish in Tuscaloosa's Italian eatery, DePalma's.

And that covers the "wretched excess" portion of the weekend. There was also the inevitable PubCrawler performance on Friday night. This time there was much dancing. A friend pawned off a beautiful girl on me during one of the songs, which was awfully nice of him, so even I got to dance a little.

Let's see. John purchased a guitar (and amp, and tuner, and chord, and instructional book, and picks) from the Guitar Center. While there, I found a concertina. It was 20 button, and a slight grade above mine. Playing it was easier, and the tone wasn't quite so obnoxious. They wanted 100 bucks for it, which was fairly reasonable. Still, I've vowed not to buy another one unless it's a 30 button of decent quality. I think I was the first person to ever actually play it there. heh. I also looked at mixers and microphones. Part of me just wants to buy a bunch of expensive crap for IHSC, but I must resist. There are ways to go about this without spending tons of money.

And I also went into work... Right now.

From: (Anonymous)
2001-08-27 07:41 am (UTC)

lugubrious airs

you absolutely RULE for playing the concertina!
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[User Picture]From: zinereem
2001-08-27 09:15 am (UTC)

Re: lugubrious airs

Well, I wouldn't say that I "play" the concertina, but I am learning. And thanks for the words of encouragement, mysterious stranger.
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