Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Dirty Sock Puppets

Nothing beats making sock puppets with your pals. The first BUH event (starting tomorrow) involves sock puppets on the west mall, and errm, that's about as defined as we got it. But it should be fun. To get the supplies, we all dressed up crazy-like and headed to the Hobby Lobby. I played Irish tunes the entire time, while people dressed up as monkeys, green beans and military men (with viking helmets) cruised the aisles in search of googly eyes and pipe cleaner. The folks in hobby lobby didn't seem to mind one bit. I figure they spend their entire life making costumes as ridiculous as ours. At any rate, we checked out and split into teams, one team to ride off in search of socks, one team to ride off in search of beer, and two teams to ride home to Chac-chee's.

Once all had returned we constructed the puppets. A cursory glance revealed a beat poet, a hasidic jew, a few aliens, a Frenchman, and a friendly sortof fella with large hands wearing a "best friends" sweater (my creation). As usual, I'll be at work, so I won't be participating tomorrow, but at least I helped out.

Should be a fun year.
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