Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

busy, busy weekend.

Wow, where to start....
Well, there's always Friday night, of course. Riley's as usual. To give you an idea of how the crowds have picked up, the place was at full capacity for Pubcrawler's performance. Damn. I danced with a beautiful woman named Joy, from Lubbock, and Mindy, and Phoebe. Fun. James, of course was piss drunk, giving himself over to chaos in light of his recent job loss. Blah blah blah, he threw up, crashed out on my couch. In short, a perfect Friday.

Saturday was the trip to the International Accordion Festival in San Antonio. Wes, Mary (from the station) and I made the journey. I had guilted Wes into coming along the previous night at Riley's. Mary was along to take pictures with her insanely expensive camera and black and white film. More on that in another post.

I was late for my show today, and fairly sedate throughout. Most of the day was spent with Raina, Lori, and Wes. We travelled to the Old Pecan Street Festival. It consisted of a lot of booths, food, and music. In the end, however, only two things mattered: Turkey legs and Pubcrawler. That's right we saw 'em again. So sue me. Wes was kilted up, and made a fool of himself. Phoebe and Steve were there as well. Even more surreal, Jime Heijl, James's (former) boss showed up and chatted with us. I should have asked if he was hiring. After the show we sang lounge songs (well, I sang lounge songs), we went to El Mercado for Mexican martinis and margaritas, and then toured the Capitol. Nothing's more fun than mocking those who rule your lives.
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