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So long, pesky education... [Oct. 2nd, 2001|04:53 pm]
Roy Janik
At least for this semester.
I've been informed that dropping my class will cause no undue ramifications, except for the fact that I should probably try and get my degree sometime within 6 years. This is year number 3, in case you're counting, so at some point I should probably "get to it", as I'll only have 5 classes under my belt going into 2002.
Don't be sad or dissapointed, I say to everyone and to myself. This is a rational decision, made in a purely reasonable state of mind.
The good news is, KVRX has a policy of allowing DJs to do their shows 1 semester after they stop going to school, so assuming I enroll in the Spring, I'll not miss a beat in that regard.