Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Today I am a MAN

I am finally a man. I have a button to prove it.

Today was the culmination of an idea I dreamed up awhile back. The theory was that we, in American society have no official rite of passage. So while you spend your days at work, you're nagged by the feeling that you don't really belong, that you're just a kid playing at being an adult. So we took matters into our own hands.

We had a ceremony (with amplified sound) and offered passerbies the chance (this day only, offer void in Utah) to become a man or a woman. To do so, they had to either pass the mental challenge (Christmas Trivia cards), the physical challenge (jumping over a mountain of rice, safely contained in a small plastic bucket), or doing both. Most chose both.

After completing this task, they had to walk the gauntlet (Hek-tor and Penelope beaning people with my old amtgard daggers), and then pass through the arch, which James and I hastily constructed out of PVC pipe last night. All the while, an orchestra of kazoos (and occasionally a concertina) played Pomp & Circumstance and other such songs.

How'd it go? Meh. People seemed mildly amused. I MCed the whole thing, and did better than I figured I would. In the end, as with most things we do that require an explanation, it could have stood more props, preparation, signs, etc. But I did get to beatbox.. and sing Under the Sea with the kazoo orchestra... and wax philosophically about what it means to be a man.

But it was a success, I think, and someone, presumably from the Texan, took pictures of us.

Wes has more information on it...
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