Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

After I died, I woke up, at exactly 4:00 A.M.

You're standing in a mostly empty room.
Your closest friend and your fiercest enemy are your only companions.
Your foe has in his hand a thin red ball, sweating liquid, like a hollowed out plum.

You know almost instinctively that the ball is your friend's heart and that something horrid is about to happen.
Before you can react, your enemy lashes out, and with a fingernail tears a hole in the side of the fragile sphere. Red liquid gushes out.

Your insides go funny, and a coolness starts spreading through your chest. You were wrong. It was your heart after all.

You know with crystal certainty that you are mere moments from death, even as you begin to fall backwards.
You only have time to say about three things before you pass out forever.

This was, more or less, my dream last night. I've embellished a little bit, as details are sketchy. And a whole bunch of stuff I can't remember led up to this.

I can remember two of the three things I said...

The first was "I love you all".
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