Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Lots of Pirates and a smattering of Cowgirls

So Wes's party on Saturday was in all ways, a rousing success. Most came as pirates, some came as cowgirls. Lots of new BUH folks were there, so it's good to see them getting pulled into the fold [insert maniacal laughter here*]. My brother and his friend Cordell had a good time. In fact, I think Roger had a good time all weekend, so mission accomplished. Many thanks to all my friends who made him feel welcome.

Let's see. Stuff for the public records: Bonnie threw up in Wes's bathroom. She was not, however, the drunkest person there. That prize should be split between Cha-chee and Penelope. Let's see... what else? Despite the phenomenal amount of noise, no cops came, and no neighbors complained. Many people were defaced with magic markers. Dirk can juggle.

I barely drank anything, since I was driving, and had a show to do the next day, but I still had an amazing time. Here's hoping the next party (as yet unthemed) is half as successful.
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