Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

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Dave (the bastard cop in the Bastard Squad) showed me the ropes at World Gym last night. That is, he showed me how to do a proper workout, rather than just meandering about aimlessly. Eric was in attendance, as well.

Dave's a big fan of the "reverse pyramid" workout style, which in short means severe, fucking pain. The more technical explanation is that on any given exercise/machine/weight thingy, you start with as much weight as you can handle, do a few reps, and when you can't lift anymore, you drop down to the next lower weight. Do this about 5 times, until you're lifting a rather small weight.

This stands in stark contrast to the traditional, or "pyramid" method, where you do lots of reps of an easily-handled weight, and then step up to a higher weight (with few reps).

The good thing, or so I'm told, about reverse-pyramid is that there's not a lot of waiting between lifting, since you're always lifting what you're still capable of. And also, evidentially, building muscle is all about depriving your muscles of oxygen.

Most importantly, Dave showed me how to do about 12 or 13 exercises properly. We focused on the upper body, so that means despite the fact that I'm in severe pain, I should be able to still work out my abs and legs today.

On an odder note, Eric and Dave recommended concentrated carrot juice as a healthy and tasty drink. After working out, I went to Randalls, and sure enough, they had carrot juice in the "Goodflow" refrigerator. And the verdict... It was actually REALLY good. I can't even explain.

Oh, and this site is the bee's knees when it comes to fitness.
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