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lala. hola. hello.

Yesterday, I spent allll day with Mindy, shoppin' it up. We built up our energy at Magnolia Cafe (where the waiter audibly wowed over Mindy's girlscout dress). We then went CD shopping, and Mindy cleaned Cheapo out of ska discs, including 2 Pietasters CDs, 2 Dance Hall Crashers CDs, some Reel Big Fish, some Save Ferris, and other stuff. I bought two CDs: Mustard Plug & Flipper. I tried to buy a 4-CD Spike Jones anthology, but it seems the store lost it, or they never actually had it, or something. So Mindy had already purchased 10 CDs, and I was falling far behind in gross money spent. The lead would only widen through the day.

We went to Waterloo next, where I purchased James's birthday gift. The complete works of Eddy Grant. You know, the guy who did "Electric Avenue", and as it turns out, "Romancing the Stone". Who knew? Mindy bought 2 CDs, widening the gap even further.

We next journeyed to Barton Creek Mall, the giant shopping experience on top of a hill. It was here that a few July 4ths back I witnessed the fireworks display amongst a seething mass of Americana. Here Mindy made the killing stroke and purchased some boots. They were about 50 bucks cheaper than we thought, but still cost money. After this, we contacted James and made birthday plans to meet at Curras at 7:00. We had time to kill, so we went to HEB and bought party hats and a sign that read "The Party's Here" with an arrow. Arriving at Curras, we were quite a sight, with me holding the sign pointing at Mindy, adorned in knee-high black boots and a girlscout uniform.

Anyway's, Curra's was fun, and the sun set on day spent worshipping capitalism. Just doing our part for America.
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