Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

There's a forest off of Riverside? Kick ASS!

Damn, the weather was nice today. Met up with Mary, Tami, Lambert, Ryan, Colleen, and Eric at Bonzai. I had some chicken katzu and California rolls. What a scrumptious place to eat. Tragedy struck, however, when Colleen pointed out that Bonzai is going to close in December! C'est dommage. I'll simply have to eat there as much as possible before then. The pesky Pizza game was played again (The Neverending Pizza? CitySlickers 2, the Legend of Curly's Pizza?"). Afterwards, we all walked to Momoko to continue our "Japan In Austin" adventure. Coconut Milk Tea was had, and Mary got a picture a punk rocker.

After this, Mary and I went off on a sojourne downtown. We travelled to the Capitol and got a picture of one of the guards. Mary's doing this photography project for her final with an uber-expensive camera, and so she's looking for individual faces to fill a 4x4 grid of portraits. So we got the guard, then wandered downtown, where we stopped a nice older gentleman who looked like Santa Claus. He had a bucket of pecans and carried two crazy looking books, one titled "The Hoffman Brothers and the Sheer Ins... (obscured)". He said he'd gladly let his picture be taken, provided it wasn't for commercial purposes. Fair enough.

Next we went off in search of the Riverside Florist, which I initially misheard as the Riverside Forest, and got all hyped about. No, this is one of those rose selling guys that stand on street corners. The lighting was wrong, though, so we journeyed on to the Pinata store. Interesting pop-culture wasteland, that. There were pinatas in the likeness of the Powerpuff girls, Winnie the Pooh, a golden snitch (from Harry Potter), Batman, Spiderman, random bugs, and yes, Osama Bin Laden himself. Soo tempting. It got me thinking, though, Osama aside, why would you want to beat up something that you like? For instance, if I loved Pikachu (and who doesn't) it would seem a little odd to me to destroy an effigy of the little lightning mouse with a wooden stick. Meh.

Colleen's party was too insane for words, thanks to Tami Joh and her magical bottle of tequila. Actually, I'll try to sum up later, unless someone else beats me to it.
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