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e-mail I just sent to my realtor [Nov. 30th, 2001|05:30 pm]
Roy Janik
I took today off to scout out houses that my realtor and I are going to go inside tomorrow. I just sent him an e-mail describing the ones that I still want to look at. If you want to play along at home, plug in the MLS number into the search engine at http://www.austinhomesearch.com/ahs/SearchNew2.asp?Type=1

Well, despite my inability to follow directions, I managed to at least drive by all the houses in north Austin we pulled up yesterday. It was hard to tell much about them without getting inside of them, but I did manage to eliminate a few from the list.

Here are the ones I still want to look at. I'll just list 'em by MLS number.

615373 (10301 Quail Ridge)
Okay, so this house is right across the street from an elementary school. But it sure is pretty, I'll tell you that. At least the front is, with all that stone. Plus, a creek or ditch or something divides it from the neighbor, so it's not completely crowded in by other houses. And this is the one with a pool, so that's a plus.

614192 (10303 Leaning Willow Drive)
615444 (11223 Applewood Drive)
looked a bit plain from the outside, but the pictures from the flyer looked promising.

613206 (618 Amesbury)
603678 (614 Amesbury)
I liked the look of 614 better, but since they're both right next to each other, why not hit both?

599937 (7504 Creston Ln.)
I like the look of this place. Claims to be large, which I'm learning is somewhat important to me. Also, it's ridiculously close to Kim Phung, a Vietnamese restaurant I frequent. Which, of course, is both a curse and a blessing.

604596 (1006 Little Elm Par)
Well, peering inside this one revealed that (as the description said) it needs a little carpet. But it looks large, and 4 sides are brick, so I still want to take a look.

610052 (1305 Justin Lane)
Well, this is the one ON Justin lane. The outside is nothing great, but some of the internal pictures show wooden floors and walls, which I liked the look of.

597988 (7008 Rufus Dr.)
605716 (9204 Hunter's TC)

And finally, there's a house that wasn't on the list that I'd like to look at. It breaks all the rules that I set up for myself. It's east, it's two stories, and it's $160,000. If it were under 150,000, I'd get it in a second (judging from the pictures at http://www.txvirtual.com/2307vanderbiltcircle/fireplace.htm ). Supposedly, the backyard's immense. At any rate, the MLS number is 609146, and I at least want to take a look inside of it.

I may bring a couple of friends along tomorrow for moral support and second

See you then,