Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

what a lovely, lovely day.

So I had an event-filled, wonderful day. Seriously. It all started with the radio show in the morning. Chi-chi showed up, and we started kickin' out the novelty-infused jams. Lots of Spike Jones, since I just bought his greatest hits. About 15 minutes into it, however, Mary showed up, sporting a blue jumpsuit that zipped on the side. Her story went something like this: "I stayed up all night, and was on my home when I heard an annoying guy on the radio. I thought, hey, I know that guy. Hey, it's Roy, so I came to the station." Indeed. She stayed for a bit, and I made a fool of myself on the air. Good stuff. After she left, we got another call, from a different Mary. This one worked at the Omelettry, complimented the show, and offered us free food. hmmmmm... Okay, if you say so.

So after the show, we went to Human Dwelling 43, and I donned my teal jacket, you know, to look good for my fans, and we went off to the Omelettry. This Mary was really nice and friendly, and did indeed provide us with free food. In the future, remind me that a chili con queso omelette is a bit much. It's eggs stuffed with cheese and smothered in cheese. Plus, it came with a side of gingerbread pancakes.

Next up on the agenda was the house visitation. Jason (my realtor) met Scott, Angela, Avery and I at the house on Northridge (130k, 3 bedrooms), and we all explored it. It got the seal of approval, although I don't think Angela was too fond of the wood paneling. Which is funny because that's my favorite part. After that, we wandered about for a bit, to get a feel for the neighborhood. It was quiet, and nice, and the public library's within walking distance of the house, so that's good. However, the strip mall contains absolutely nothing of use to me (my backyard stares at its back). A shady taco joint, nail salon, boy & girls' youth center, Dollar General, and a few churches (!). It was actually kind of frightening.

Jason and I are supposed to meet tomorrow to come up with an offer for the house, but there's a very vocal part of me that wants to say, fuck that. Make an offer on the 160k house. It's my true love.

So next was Bastard Squad filming at Cha-chee's. We filmed the "gay patch" commercial, and the "Indian extinction" program, both of which require animations. I wasn't in either sketch, but I contributed ideas and such. We ended up filming about 20 takes of Cha-chee slapping Dave's ass, so that's good.

After that, was dinner with Madeline and Mindy. The original plan was to force Aaron (Mindy's boyfriend) to cook steaks, but he was not back in town, so Madeline took over culinary duties. We did some fabulous things with eggplant and loads of other vegetables. So.. full..... So... good.

And that's my story.

So, big house?
or, slightly less big house?
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