Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Out here in Texas we say "yeehaw"

So this past Saturday I did the "Artist Hour" on KVRX, a show that spotlights one particular musician every week. I chose to do mine on the Fatman, one of the foremost names in computer game music, an Austin local, and a hell of a funny artist, to boot. Before the show I shot him an e-mail telling him about the show, and I just now got a response:

The Enigma ( left a message for me that he heard me on the
radio that night and I sounded good.  I had _no idea_ what he was talking
about.  I assumed that somebody had found a recording of the Torch Song and had played an incomplete version of it
on the radio or something.
I really appreciate your kindness--I hope the show went really well.
I'm less busy--wanna do something?

So, basically, Fuck yeah. Not only does the Fatman appreciate my efforts, but the Enigma listened to my show.
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