May 13th, 2002


Ava Maria.. Hey wait, aren't you in Imperial Teen?

Today was the insane day trip home for Mother's Day. It started at 9:00, when I finally got off Cha-chee's couch, shook off the champagne supernova in my mind, and left for Santa Fe (Well, technically Seabrook). For some reason or another my Allegra (allergy medication) was completely innefectual today, and I sneezed and coughed all day, and generally looked like hell. The trip was uneventful, but lonng, thanks to Houston. They closed off I-10, so I had to take the 610 loop all around the city. Ugh. And then when I got on NASA Road 1 to go to Darlene's, it was stop-n-go traffic.

Luckily, I had Imperial Teen to guide me through it. I bought their new CD, "On", yesterday, and it's seriously frigging good. The majority of my time spent in the car today featured this CD. I particulary like "Sugar", "Our Time", "Ivanka", "Undone", and "First". "Our Time" hits me right were Pain's "Upright" gets me. Pure inspiration, making me want to take on the world. On a side note, in reading reviews of this album online, I learned that Barnes & Noble at least has a category of music called Post-Grunge. I think I'm going to be ill.

So my family was insane and happy as usual. I had a blast playing with the kids, and teasing everyone, eating way too much, and in general just relaxing. Oh, the really cool thing is that all three of the boys (Roger, Bobby, and myself) all recently got promotions/raises! Bobby's in charge of a new Kroger's, Roger got a new job as a graphic designer and now makes twice as much as his last job, and I of course am now a staff software engineer. Darlene bought us champagne and a balloon to celebrate.

Mom's gift getting and cake cutting went well. Our tender-hearted cards made her cry, so the love was palpable. I got to see mom and Tom's RV. It rules. Real tile floors, a queen size bed, full kitchen, and large sections of it expand out to create more room. Plus, they've got room enough for a DVD player, computer, VCR, scanner, and two TVs. It's crazy.

I also got to stop off and visit Dad, and he loaded me up with all sorts of stuff... A metal thermos filled with coffee (which was a lifesaver), a janik family cookbook, a ton of deer sausage, and a check for my birthday. Huzzah.

The trip back was a little harry, as I started to get really tired during the home stretch. A stop off for redbull, a sammich, and some popcorn fixed that up.

And now sleep, and the desperate hope that I finish my take-home final by 5pm tomorrow.

Roy's amazing house tour

So the tour of the houses vying for the label of Dinosaur Moonbase One is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday. I still need to hear back from Jason to find exactly win. So far, Cha-chee, Colleen, Nicole, and Mindy Leigh are definitely coming. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come, too.

So this week brings several exciting things:

House tour
Star Wars II
Vanilla Coke
new Weezer Album
free Spiderman viewing (courtesy of Jason, the realtor. I can swing a couple of guests. Who's interested?)