Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

In the halls of the gods

After working for IBM for over 2 years, and hearing only rumors, I finally made the journey to the super secret IBM Surplus Store, where all cool things go to die. I had Scott track down the location whilst I was at lunch, and returned to find this cryptic message:

Building 7, North side, use Eastern entrance.
The donkey is green.

Well, I managed to find building 7, parked, stepped inside, and immediately realized my mistake. The hallways were as wide as 2-lane highways, with ceilings that vaulted up to the height of 3 or 4 floors. Those yokels from Battlefield Earth would have found these hallways to still be uncomfortably large for them. This building was vintage IBM, from back when IBM was still a de facto branch of the government. It's still used as a warehouse today, but it's also used to house various software projects. It would be extraordinarily surreal to work there everyday.

The hallways were endless, but eventually I found some guy, and he pointed the way to the Surplus Store. Basically his instructions consisted of "Walk a mile down that hall, exit, and then immediately re-enter the building". So I did as I was told.

The Surplus Store, while not huge, is a treasure trove a cheap shit from days of yore. There were large video decks (like the kind KVR-TV have that play the large tapes), various engineering devices (oscillators and some device called the Interview 4600), tables, whiteboards the size of a wall (for 15 bucks), and chairs. I came for a chair, and ended up purchasing a slightly retro blue leather/wood/metal sucker for a whopping 3 bucks.

Oh, and they had a video camera called the Panasonic w3260, which was old and dusty, but which claimed to be digital. It also had no apparent place for a tape to be inserted. Anyone know anything about this?
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