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I'm not Irish [Jan. 13th, 2002|12:03 pm]
Roy Janik
Alrighty, before the details of the weekend get away from me, let me try to sum up.

Friday night was a lot of celebration crammed in one after the other. It started with a marvelous sushi party at Scott and Angela's. Wes, Raina, Colleen, Mindy, Angela, Angela, Avery, Scott, and I were all in attendance. Naturally, I brought my concertina, so we had an impromptu jam session, as well. Oh, and the penny whistles I purchased (at http://www.thewhistleshop.com ) came in, so I presented Mindy with hers, along with the book, Step One: Play Pennywhistle. I must say, in the few scant days she's had it, she's really learned a lot. I see our band taking shape quickly. So I ate too much sushi, scared the baby, and distributed Celtic instruments. All in all, a typical evening.

So Mindy and I left and got dressed for James's upcoming blue party. We both were dressed head to toe in powder blue. But we had one stop to make before the party. We went to Riley's, of course, to try and steal Steve & Phoebe and make them go to the party. We succeeded. Even better, I talked a LOT to Megan, the waitress, and then invited both her and Katie to Wes's super-hero party. I gave them my e-mail address, which I admit is lame, but DON'T JUDGE ME! Scott joined us at Riley's, and was suitably impressed by the band. We ended up staying a little bit longer than intended, as Mindy and I had to dance in all our blue splendour. We were on, too, dancing up a blue streak. It was actually quite surreal, because we were the only ones dancing, and everyone else was dressed in sensible blacks, browns, and earth tones.

So with Steve and Phoebe in tow, we went to James's blue party. BOY, it WAS blue! There was a good crowd, and cops showed up (even though it was a mellow gathering), so it was a success. I didn't get any blue goo (blue margaritas), so I made my own by dropping blue food coloring in a normal margarita. Of course, I didn't stir it up, so within a few sips my tongue and lips were blue.

I found myself at home at 3:00 in the morning, happy and REALLY tired. I went to lay down and fell asleep on the wings of angels. Well, okay, so that didn't happen at all. Nicole IMed me and somehow convinced me to go get coffee with her and Mindy Lee. They picked me up, and we went to 503, where we all nearly fell asleep on the couches in the back. At 5:00, I finally found myself back at home, and had no choice but to sleep.

Yesterday, Nicole, Kareem, and Sara went to see Brazil at the Drafthouse (the Director's Cut). Wonderful stuff, and visually stunning on the big screen. Plus, the chicken wings were great. After recovering from that for a short time at home, I somehow ended up getting pulled into a trip to Bahama Breeze with Mindy and Rachel. We enjoyed fruity girly drinks (sans monkey), but ultimately decided to go to Mindy's place, since she had lots of alcohol there ("It's Free!!"). Kareem and Sara came over, and I got more and more tired from both the drinks and Mindy's soothing pennywhistle playing. Before I knew it, I was waking up on the couch.

Today's agenda: more Celtic music.