Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

When planning a romantic candlelit dinner, the right music can create the perfect mood. Put on The Best Of Spike Jones to create a freewheeling, anything-goes atmosphere.

The show went great tonight! Well, pretty good, anyhow. In attendance were Colleen: Destroyer of the Worlds, hek-tor: the destroyer, and myself, just plain ole Roy. We got a couple of enthusiastic calls, and tormented the listening audience. Plus, I got to play Bobby Jo Ebola and the Children MacNugget's "Ghost Riders in the Hood" unedited for the first time. And Mary called, too. And hek-tor found the circus music, so the tent was made a fairyland of clowns. Next time, I expect Chris and Lemony Fresh Tami to call! You hear me?? By the way, that subject line is from The most recent Onion's Dating Tips. Anyone who rode in my car during November knows that I was listening to the Best of Spike Jones nonstop.
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