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Roy Janik

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Meeting Mary Jane in the Park [Dec. 1st, 2000|10:44 pm]
Roy Janik
So I went to Walnut Creek park today. It's one of the only places I've ever been with a cricket mound. It's also the place where Scott utterly failed to fly his really nice "starter" kite. At any rate, I started walking around the trails, and I realized that they were awesome. It was a breezy day, the trees were somewhat thick, and the creek, get this... had water in it! Not only that, but it burbled, flowed and everything. I didn't know such a thing existed in Austin. So I go deeper in the trails, as I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. I'm pretty far in, and haven't seen anyone else the entire time. Suddenly, I round a corner, and there's a guy coming towards me. He's around 35+, overweight, has a nice tucked in shirt, and looks like he should be an accountant somewhere.

I say "HOWDY" in a loud voice (I still find it really funny to say howdy to people). He says "How's it going?" in reply, and we walk past each other. About a second after he passes, I get a HUGE whiff of pot in my lungs. No mistaking it (I've been to a few concerts in my time) at all. I walk down the trail slowly, but never smell it again. I really wanted to confront him about it, just because it was so obvious and comical.

All in all, an interesting encounter.