Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Peanut Sate' was an amazing success. I think it was my favorite dish so far. It's basically marinated beef sirloin ka-bobs, with a peanut sauce for dipping. The sauce is just insanely good. Anyhow, it was nearly a disaster, because I didn't know that the beef had to marinate for 4 hours. I discovered this as I was leaving work for class, and was able to run to the store, run home, and set up everything with time to get to class.

For the actual dinner, Mindy, Nicole, and Rachel showed up. We had asparagus and rice to go along with the main course. Then we played Sorry! I won! Yeehaw! Then we went to Dolce Vita and had sorbet, although Mindy made some outrageous claim about how I was actually eating a gellato. Whatever. Every time we go there, I think of Lindsey, the girl who worked there that I almost dated. C'est dommage.

Class went well, too. My professor is actually interesting, and I feel that I may actually start caring about education again. Also, I got to take notes on my palm pilot, which kicked. It's geek-chic, baby.
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