Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

there's a session in the corner, and the craic is grand tonight

Well, the Frileyversary certainly went well. It was probably the perfect night for it. The mood in the bar seemed mellow, and it would have probably been one of those sparse, comparatively quiet nights, were it not for us. We changed all of that, because there were around 30 of us (counting friends of friends and girlfriends of brothers and what-not). A lot of us dressed up, so we looked like some sort of mob family. Wes brought cake (it said 'Happy Craic'). I had fun cutting pieces for people: octagons, trapezoids, triangles, etc. And there was lots of dancing.

Probably the most amusing part of the night for me was my little talk with Phoebe. We always talk about how cute she is behind her back. Well, turn about is fair play.

Phoebe: All the girls agree that you're really cute.
Me: What?
Phoebe: Yeah, I was just saying, isn't Roy really cute? And everyone agreed.
Me: Well, that's good to know?
Phoebe: There's this expression you get on your face right before you start dancing.. You're probably not even aware that you make it.. But it's really cute.
Me: Eeek.


Sunday, I think, revealed just how much a year of Irish music has warped our brains. Wes, Mindy, Scott and I got together and jammed. Well, sort of. We only knew a few songs, and we struggled through them, but it was a complete blast. Wes played bodhran, Scott played guitar, I played concertina, and Mindy played pennywhistle. The two songs were "Star of the County Down" and "Drowsy Maggie".

I've learned some strange stuff about the concertina, and she continues to fascinate me. For instance, once I've memorized a song, it's actually easier for me to play it fast than slow. This is for a couple of reasons. 1) It gives me less time to think about playing. It turns out that it's all about reflexes. 2) Working the bellows is a fine art that I'm not good at yet. I often find that I've stretched the concertina as far as she'll go. Playing faster means less bellows movement is necessary. I learned that Wes is the same way (better at playing fast), probably because he's only practiced on fast songs. I've also learned that it's really fun to try and make Mindy laugh while she's playing the pennywhistle. And that Scott can take care of a baby and play a 12 string guitar at the same time.

My only remaining question is.. who's gonna pony up the money for a harp?
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