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Roy Janik

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just sent this e-mail out [Feb. 19th, 2002|12:19 pm]
Roy Janik
Howdy, my name is Roy Janik. I did a search for concertina players in Austin (on concertina.net) and your names came up. Sorry if you consider this message an intrusion.

Anyhow, I've been trying to learn the Anglo concertina for about a year now. I've got a 30 button Stagi, which is good enough for a beginner. But what I'm really lacking is other people to play with. Now I have no idea how skilled you are, but here's what I propose.

If you're a beginner like me, then let's get together and play sometime. We can pick out a few songs and pick our way through them.

If you're an accomplished player, and you're comfortable with teaching, then let me know what your rates and availability would be.

Anyhow, I basically just hate learning in a vacuum here, so any help/advice we can provide each other would be great.