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Roy Janik

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day of productivity [Mar. 4th, 2002|09:44 am]
Roy Janik
Well, this should be a day of insanity and ridiculous productivity. I didn't sleep last night, instead opting to work on my CS midterm at the 503 Coffee Shop. Which means that right now I'm wired off my ass (it's around 8:10 AM), and show no signs of stopping. Consequently, my fevered mind has come up with an ambitious plan, riding high on actually doing some of my midterm.

1. Get new tires. I'm actually at Discount Tires as we speak, and they're going to slap two tires on the driver's side. The front left tire is nearly bald.

2. Drop off all (well, most) of my suits and dress shirts off at the cleaners. In my car is a huge mass of clothing. That should cost a pretty penny, as well.

3. Get my car inspected. Sure, I may not be able to register my car, but there's no reason that it shouldn't be inspected. Those things go fairly quickly.

4. Go to work. :) At work, I'll be helping a class of 46 sales engineers install our product. Assuming, of course, that I get to work on time (they've not started on my car yet)

5. Go to class from 4:00 to 6:30.

6. Work on my midterm some more.

7. Sleep.

8. Sleep and stuff.

That's my ambitious plan. Hopefully, it'll work out. Blargh. Why haven't they started on my friggin' car?

Okay, so they got the car ready to go quickly, and I went to the Cleaners and dropped the stuff off. I also went to get my car inspected, but I realized that my car insurance card is only up-to-date through 2/20. I'm still covered, but my new card's not here. So that's out for today.

Still, not a bad start.

[User Picture]From: nekomouser
2002-03-04 02:17 pm (UTC)
At the dealership as we speak? Miracle of modern technology?
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