Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Freedom, Schmeedom

Boy, this pisses me off, as I'm sure it will all of you, too. But especially you, Mindy! It's great to be alive:

'ATHEIST' plate raises a holy ruckus
After getting complaints, the state decides a Florida man's license plate is objectionable and yanks it.

So it's now obscene or objectional in Florida to be an atheist. WEEE!

To sum up: A man who has a license plate that says "ATHEIST" in Florida has been told to cancel and return it after 16 years. It seems 10 people got together and complained about it. But so what? I think Wes's new plate, P30-LXG, is pretty obscene, but I keep my mouth shut, and even if I did object to it, I doubt anyone would take me seriously.

keep telling myself that this has no connection with the "War on Terrorism". Let's hope not, anyhow.
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