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Roy Janik

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waltzin' Matilda [Mar. 23rd, 2002|05:46 pm]
Roy Janik
So last night started as a case study in gluttony. And it's all my fault. James and I cooked up a plan for Bennigan's, primarily so that I could get a Monte Cristo. For those not familiar with this monstrosity, it's a club sandwich that's been deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. They also give you some rasberry dipping sauce. Four sandwich halves, sheer pain. Or joy. Our gathering swelled to a surpising number of people: Rachel, James, Doug (James's insane co-worker), Cha-chee, Chi-chi, Mindy, Mandy, Rachel, Nicole, me, Eric, and Jenn. Wow.

Our moment of glory came while the waitress was taking our drink orders. She looked at us for a second, and said "Are you guys the Knighthood of Buh?" Why yes, yes we are. How'd you know? "Oh, I just knew". Wooo-hoo!

To add to the Monte Cristo, Nicole somehow talked me into getting appetizers AND dessert. Blagh!

The next step was Riley's, of course. It was particularly fun for a couple of reasons. First, our new friend whom we met on St. Patrick's Day were there. Namely Jennifer and her throng of salsa-loving girls. I guess Mindy would claim that Jennifer belongs to her since I didn't talk to her much, but meh. Anyhow, the dancing got started early, and Mindy and I tried our hands at waltzing. It went really well, actually, and I managed to do the turning and such without even thinking about it. After that, of course, was the fast, spinning pseudo-Irish dancing that we've got down to a science. After a couple of those...

I realized that the Monte Cristo and the appetizers and the dessert weren't mixing too well with the beer and dancing so I went to the restroom and threw up (just a little). So dancing was out of the picture for a bit, but Mindy was good and soused so by the end of the night she convinced me to dance again. And I felt fine.

Also, Pubcrawler finally had their live CD ready, so we dutifully purchased it and got the band to sign it.

I went home, where the plan was to meet up with Nicole and Mindy Leigh for late night movie viewing, but Nicole wasn't online. She must have been "sleeping" or somesuch rubbish.

And then I slept until 3:00 pm.

[User Picture]From: vyvyanbasterd
2002-03-24 11:10 am (UTC)

You glazed over...

you forgot to mention the incredibly fucking insane stories that Doug told about Fourth of July in Haiti.
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[User Picture]From: quaskye
2002-03-25 03:46 pm (UTC)
excuse me, but i distinctly remember you talking me into the appetizers and desert...
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