Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

these days I don't that much about much, but here's a summary:

The show was a blast tonight. Nicole and I talked a lot on the air, which technically is a bad thing, but we had fun. We did another episode of Roy's Impromptu Sitcom. This one featured the father being stuck inside a pumpkin he was carving... perplexing. I also did a remote from yesterday. I had my minidisc recorder with me yesterday in the car, and I just started yammering away into it like I was on location for the radio station, so tonight I played that back, and talked in the appropriate silent areas. Chad and I also beatboxed a new version of the theme song, and finally, we played my new favorite song, "Frozen Embryos" by "Three Guys From Hollywood". yeah. After the show we hit Katz's where we were served by a waiter, who could easily play any type of character from the 50s, as well as Max Headrom.
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