Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

It was Tony, not Tiny, Mindy!

So tonight I got to watch Mindy get interviewed by BBC radio. Specifically, Tony James. I could only hear Mindy's side of things clearly, of course, but I could hear loud, irrevent british noises spouting from the phone asking in-depth cheeky questions about No Pants Day. Tony also issued a challenge to KLBJ (who's interviewing us tomorrow) to drop their pants. Fun stuff!

James managed to do this, today:

And I found a post in a newsgroup talking about seeing No Pants Day fliers at the University of Chicago.

And after all that madness, I saw Spider-man with Raina, Wes, Mindy-Leigh, and Nicole.... and .... IT ROCKED! Really. It did just an amazing job of being a comic book. And I really liked the interaction of all the various characters. How's that for vague? Plus, Tob Macguire's a hottie!

Still, though, there's something about The Green Goblin's Last Stand that gets me right there, ya know?
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