Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

the new contenders

Well, today's house search went amazingly well. Jason and I focused on what Eric calls "midtown", and we saw a hell of a lot of houses. I'm going to be organing a tour of those in the running. Those of you without jobs, I fully expect you to make it. Others can come too, if they can. What days and times work well for you guys?

Here are the top contenders:
This house has the basic things you'd imagine, like some nice hard tile and such. A couple of things make it stand out, though. It's got a rather large cedar wood sunroom, with basically a zen rock garden inside of it. It's pretty nice. Even weirder, there's what the realtor described as a crow's nest. It's a little nook up near a sky-light that you can sit up in. More than anything, it looks like someplace you would go to meditate. So it's got that going for it. The bedrooms, though, are kind of small
This house is significantly more expensive than the others, and it shows. It's got a huge brick fireplace, a roomy kitchen, and a really nice deck. The crowning glory, however, is the room in the attic. There are stairs leading up to. It's actually pretty roomy and air-conditioned. It naturally is triangle shaped, but it's got enough room to definitely be used for recording and such. Plus, there's a lot of storage space. The house itself also looks really nice, and I wouldn't have to change the carpet or tile.
"A bouquet of flowers greets you at the door"! Well, whatever. I actually really liked this house, and it's far bigger than it appears to be. It's got nice, stable hardwood floors, and the walls are painted interesting colors in a way that I've come to think of as being cool and Austin. P30-LXG, if you will. It reminds me of some of the houses in south Austin I've seen. All in all, very clean and nice. It's got two strikes against it, though. 1, it's actually on 51st street, pretty close to I-35. It's a really busy street, so getting in and out might be a pain. 2) The dryer is in the utilty shed in the back yard, while the washer is inside. So that's sortof a pain.
The main thing this house has going for it is that there's an attached efficiency apartment with it's own kitchen and handicapped accessible bathroom. So it's basically the ideal roommate setup, or ideal band/recording studio setup, since the room is large and detached. The interior of the house itself is nice, too.

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