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Roy Janik

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[Dec. 3rd, 2000|09:04 pm]
Roy Janik
Damn. Every bit of laundry is done. EVERY bit. Not only that, but it's folded and put away. Does this mean I'm going to have to work on my class projects now?

[User Picture]From: somabrak
2000-12-03 07:05 pm (UTC)

Roy, I don't know how it happened, but somehow all your long, curly hair has moved itself to the top of your head.

You might want to get that checked out....
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[User Picture]From: zinereem
2000-12-03 07:08 pm (UTC)
Damn, you're right! Guess there's nothing to do but cut it all off. By the way, I commend you on your lightning fast response.
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