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Roy Janik

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why are you still in my eye? [May. 25th, 2002|06:18 pm]
Roy Janik
After probably 6 years of regular use, I finally registered TextPad yesterday. See, shareware does work, it just takes a very very long time. I also bought some Ozma CDs after stealing all their stuff off of Napster last year. See, free distribution of music does work, it just takes a very long time.

In other news, I'm making house offer number three in a few minutes. This time on this house. There's already a verbal offer on it, but it's not been accepted. Also notice that I've changed the "Upcoming Events" box on my journal to a "top contender" box that will have a link and picture of the house I'm currently going after.

What's the plan for tonight? dinner where?

[User Picture]From: bamapookie
2002-05-25 07:50 pm (UTC)


You could have just used my key. I registered it when I lived with you.
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