Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

some numbers for Todd

While I was in the house for the inspection, I did some ad-hoc measuring.

The master bedroom is roughly 17 1/2 Roy feet by 10 1/2 Roy feet. The 2nd bedroom (Todd's room if he moves in) is 16 1/2 Roy feet by 11 1/2 Roy feet, so it's actually bigger, but doesn't have its own bathroom. The 3rd bedroom (the "middle room" is 10 1/2 Roy feet by 12 Roy feet, and will be used for computers, recording, and whatnot.

The inspection, by the way, went well. All of the problems were to be expected. The main thing to watch out for is the A/C setup, as it's pretty old. And there is a subterranean termite infestation on the east side of the house, but it's minor.
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