Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

complication number 1

OR: Did I ever mention how much I hate insurance companies?
So obviously I need homeowner's insurance for my new place. Not so obvious is the fact that I need to have it before closing day, so that my loan will go through and everyone will be happy. Okay, fine. So Scott recommended a certain agent, and I called him to find out how to go about it. Unfortunately, he basically said that they couldn't take new clients, and that hardly anyone is taking new clients. If I had renter's insurance or something with them, it would be fine. First of all, WHAT? And second of all, What could be the reason for this?

Well, it turns out the reason is MOLD. It seems that last year mold-related claims slammed the home insurance business in Texas. Gary (the guy I talked to) cheerfully told me that he alone lost 4 million dollars for State Farm due to mold claims. So I started reading articles on this, and it seems that the Insurance companies are all off writing up new policies that exclude mold from what they're liable for. Yay!

So hopefully, he's full of it, and I can find insurance elsewhere. I mean, there are new people buying their first home all the time.. right?
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